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    It’s hard to start. We get caught up in the millions and trillions of possibilities. How things can go right and wrong and left and right. We go over so many things in our head that we exhaust ourselves before we take one single positive action. I told a dear friend a month ago that I would start a blog. I actually told myself seven years ago that I would start a blog but never did it. I beat myself up and tried to hide the website from myself. I kept saying I am going to get to it, I swear. But, I never did. Then I had an idea. What if I just start the damn thing. What if I release the possibilities of the future and deal with one step at a time and just start the thing because none of those futures would exist without the beginning. We spend much time and energy worrying about the future when we should take more time in the present moment applying our impulse to action. Whatever project you feel the desire to start—do it today. Better yet, do it now. Write it down and take steps every single day that lead towards that goal. You beginning can be writing it down, buying the materials for the project or planning it out with a friend. Everyday keep adding to that beginning. Worry-free of the future. I begin this with you and encourage you to start something today that you have said you would. Something amazing will come.   Stop reading and get to work.

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